Monday, November 23, 2009


Our little angel-boy. Seriously, he has not been a lick of trouble. From his birth until now, a week later. The only time he cries is when he is VERY hungry, and I can usually catch him before it gets to that point. He whines a little bit when you get him naked, but I'm sure that'll change... if he's anything like his father. He sleeps all the time, except for 1-1.5hrs in the evening. And he is a good eater! I am counting my blessings with this guy!

Sidenote: whether it's the bf-ing, or the fact that my stomach is not squished anymore, but suddenly am hungry ALL THE TIME. This does not bode well for a holiday season that is just starting...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Homemade Caramel Apple Dip

My new obsession: Homemade "Caramel" Apple Dip.
Disclaimer: It doesn't taste exactly like caramel, but it is yummy, none-the-less.

8 oz cream cheese (B doesn't seem to like this stuff, so I make it with fat-free.)
1 c brown sugar
2 t vanilla extract

Mix together until creamy.
Allow to come to room temperature, so that the sugar will fully dissolve.
Cut up an apple and dip repeatedly.
Store in the refrigerator.

I just thought I'd share, it's just that good! :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

36 weeks

We had a Bito doctor appt on Thursday morning! Some Highlights from the appointment!

  • He's head down (I could've told her that- he's been that way for ~3wks now- his kick placement changed from my bladder to my ribs!)
  • His heartbeat in the 130's (he's always slower in the mornings unless I drink oj- which maybe that means he'll be a slow-waker-upper like B and I!) :)
  • The super exciting news: we're already dilated 1-2 cm!!! Like my cousin said (she's a labor and delivery nurse) "The more work you do now, the less you'll have to do later." To which I reply, "AMEN, Sister!"
  • And in other news: I had a little protien and white blood cells in my urine sample this morning, so I had to have a urinalysis done to look for preeclampsia. But, no swelling in the hands/feet, and my blood pressure is 120/78 which is in the "good" and "normal" range, but is still a little high for me (I'm usually 110/60 to 65) I'm not worried at all- the same thing happened around 37 weeks with B (although my feet were swelling last June/July!) and it turned out to be nothing.
  • I'm officially not supposed to travel anywhere that will take over an hour to get the hospital. So, no cross country trip for me this next month!

I guess it's time to start packing a hospital bag, or at least make a list of what to pack in the hospital bag! Also on the To Do List: preregister at the hospital. I know my ob has those forms at her office, I just have to remember to ask for them next week!

The bassinet has been washed/assembled, a few loads of baby boy laundry have been done. I know he needs to "bake" for at least a week longer to be officially full term, but anytime after
that I am READY!!! Can you tell I haven't been sleeping well this past week?!?! It's not going to take too much longer before it gets to, "I'd rather have a newborn than be pregnant any longer!" :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


"Failure to Thrive." Wow, that label (given to Miss B by the medical community for only weighing 19lbs 1 oz,) makes me feel like a Failure as a Mom. As a SAHM, there are many things in my job description, but the #1 thing is to take care of my kids.

*sigh* The real problem is that B is in the 75th percentile for her height, but has dropped off the bottom of the chart for weight. If she were short and light, then they'd just call her a petite girl, but she's tall and light, giving her a BMI of 13.5, and that is the crux of the matter.

Three- make that Four- things could be contributors.
#1 Still no teeth. She does well gumming everything, but it limits her in what she can eat. When things are hard or too chewy, she gets frustrated and just stops eating (I've really noticed this in the past week.)
#2 She's been walking.... no, running since she was 10 months old. She's already got her Toddler Body, which the charts don't take into consideration.
#3 The girl never stops. Unless she's sleeping she's in motion- even when El-bo (Elmo) is on tv.
#4 She's never been a great eater. When nursing she had a five minute time limit, and she was done. Not that I minded that much back then- it kept me from feeling excluded, even when I needed to seclude us for breastfeeding- we were never gone that long.
I forgot! #5- Her uncle (on the Hubby's side) was a skinny freakazoid when he was younger, so that gives her "family history" of being skinny-minis.

We have some recommendations for increasing her caloric intake (adding powdered milk to everything, french toast instead of regular toast for breakfast, adding butter to all her veggies, etc.) Thank goodness for an aunt who is a dietician!

I'm trying hard not to blame myself. I've always taken the "what you eat, is what you eat" approach. (As has been recommended to me by the lactation consultant, the pediatrician, and others from the beginning.) I can't force food down her throat, and I can't be happy/upset when she eats a lot/a little. And I don't want her to only like deep fried, sugary, fatty foods. I want her to like fresh veggies and fruits. But, for a while you can bet that everything that she DOES eat, is going to have some additive in order to increase the caloric intake!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Hubby is in a field where in order to move ahead, you must be accredited, approved, and have a designation from the IRS. In order to get the full accreditation, there are nine-ish tests (it keeps changing,) four papers, and other continuing education requirements. You don't have to take any tests and still have an entry level job. Or you can go about half way, get a partial accreditation and still have a pretty good job. But.... if you want to be the boss, if you want the responsibilities, and if you want to make the big bucks, you need to go all the way. It usually takes someone 10-15 years to complete everything. Exams are offered once every six months (some exams are offered only once a year) in the spring and in the fall.

My Hubby is driven. He's a hard worker. He wants to be The Big Boss. He already has much of the responsibility. And he wants to make the big bucks. I admire him. When I finished 4.5yrs of college, I was done with school and with studying! He usually puts in 250-400 hours of studying for each exam. (That's in addition to working 50 hours a week, year round.) He's been taking tests since November of 2000.

Basically since we've been together, I've done everything that is house/home related. Mow the lawn? Yep- that's me! Clean the deck? Right here! Cooking/cleaning/shopping/all laundry related things? Oh yes! Home improvements? Yeah, I'm pretty handy. Even packing to go away for a weekend. I do his stuff too.

All that, because I wanted to say... There is an end in sight!!! Test #8 is tomorrow. If he passes this exam (which is not a given, no matter how well you know the material.) There is one more Exam- which will be offered in May, 2010, and two more papers, which he can complete anytime.

Poor guy is getting worn down. I can see it in his eyes on Saturdays, when he has to leave to go to Panera and study instead of staying home and playing with B or mowing the lawn. I can tell when he collapses into bed before 9pm, because he got up at 4am that day to study for three hours before actually going to work. For all of our sake, I hope he takes a breather (even if it's only a month long) before he starts hitting the books for the next test. So THIS Friday will be TGIF, if there ever was one!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A House Full!

Inspired by Melissa at! (Thanks!)

I always pictured myself as the mother of all boys. Maybe it's because I'm not your typical girly-girl. (I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt or dress- and it has nothing to do with being pregnant.) Maybe it's because I only babysat boys when I was in high school (luck of the draw?) Maybe it's because I grew up on a farm, and your gender didn't matter- you were expected to work just the same.

But honestly, girls always scared me to death. The ear-piercing squeals (Ack!) the teenage attitudes (Oy!) the delicate balance of empowering them without making them into a b#*%h (Ugh!) However, now that we have a girl, I'm just rolling with the punches. She'll be fine- she's a rough and tumble girl already, but oh the drama sometimes.

ANYWAYS, now that we have a boy coming, numerous times these past weeks people (acquaintances, church members, the server at Panera,) have asked, "One of each! Are you done after this?"

Um, NO frick'n-frack'n way!!! (If for medical reasons, we are done, that's fine, but it's not The Plan.) My actual response has been a surprised look and a pleasant "Nope!" I know the American dream is a boy, a girl, a dog, and a house with a white picket fence. (Seriously, we have a cat instead of the dog, but otherwise...) And I guess two is the social norm. But my desire for a house-full of kids has NOTHING to do with their gender!!! I came from a big family, and I want a big family of my own! (Even if it is all girls!) To us, the determining factor on how many kids we have, is how well we can provide for their quality of life and for the opportunities that we desire for them! If our ___ (actual # still TBD) kids are happy and healthy, that's what matters!

I mean, how could I NOT want twenty more of these?

Oy, the questions that random people ask...

PS- I know, I know- carbon footprint, overpopulating the Earth, etc. Don't worry, I'm not going to give Michelle Duggar a run for her money! Besides, I'm a chemist- I'll find a way to help those things through science! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Just Me....

I know, I shouldn't complain. I've had relatively easy pregnancies. But Dude, I am feeling huge!

I can't eat more than 2 bites of food without feeling uncomfortable and bloated. Heartburn is starting to creep in (spaghetti, why do you do me wrong?!?) Tums are my new best friends.

I am about to give up the fight, and just start waddling. I've already had to wear the over-the-belly pants for the past two months. Those ones that go below the belly get pushed down too far (b/c the belly is HUGE) and therefore my pants would fall down. Regular t-shirts are a joke. The ones that are big enough to fit over the belly have huge arm holes that I just don't find comfortable. It's all-maternity clothes, all the time.

My back hurts- I've been sleeping with a pillow between my knees...

Playing with B is a chore, anymore. Getting up and off the floor is something that I avoid at all costs! Once I'm there, we're going to play, damnit! :) And once I'm up, you're going to have to live with me sitting in a chair instead of on the ground.

These next eight weeks can't go by fast enough for me. I had kinda forgotten about The End of Pregnancy Awkwardness. We picked up Bito's bassinet today, so officially we have everything we'd need for him- clothes, diapers, and a place to sleep!

At least my feet aren't swollen yet. I think the cooler weather is helping stave that off, for at least a few more weeks! *knock on wood!*

{And end Self-Pity Party.}

That being said.... I love being a mom- even at 3am when B needs to be held and comforted! I love feeling Bito kick and wiggle! I love my life!

Friday, July 31, 2009

My Man

Have I mentioned that I love this guy? Sure he's funny, smart, hard working, and good looking. But he's all that, and he does what's best for our kid(s.) (Can I make that plural yet? I mean Bito is very real to us, even if we can't see him yet.) :)

This evening, B and Hubby went outside to swing while I was cleaning up dishes (don't feel bad for me- it was my suggestion. It's impossible to load/unload the dishwasher with B around.) When I look out the window, I discover that he has taken her swing down and turned it around- so he would be the one looking into the sun and not her. What a good Dad! :)

(PS- I know it's a crappy picture, but I was trying to be stealthy, and I don't have a zoom lense for my camera yet.)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kung Fu King

In case I haven't mentioned it.... Okay, so I haven't mentioned it, but anyone who reads this probably already knows- we're going to have a baby boy in December. Currently we are 21.5wks along. And I'm worried.

For the past ~3weeks I've been feeling this guy move. And I mean he moves! It seems like he NEVER settles down. Bridget was active in utero, but this guy- HOLY COW! And it worries me because B was all wrapped up in her umbilical cord (around her arm, around her waist twice, and then around a leg....) which was the cause of her emergency c-section. If she did all that with her movement, I can't even imagine what this guy is doing. He's going to have is cord in knots- literally. I'm hoping to try for a VBAC, but if he's in knots and requires a c-section, I have NO problem telling the doc, "Go for it!"

Don't get me wrong- I LOVE feeling him and knowing that he's doing okay. But, settle down, Dude. You're making me worry over things that I never would have thought about, if it hadn't been for B's experience. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Year One

A year ago today, was the best and scariest day of my life. Looking at my healthy, active, smart little girl, you'd never guess she had such a rough start. B had some breathing problems.... a lot of breathing problems. And by this time at night she was intubated and on 100% oxygen, sedated, and being fed through a tube in her nose. But... she was finally improving! After a week in the NICU, we went home with our healthy baby girl, and she's been going, going, going ever since! Her first year has been amazing. I never thought motherhood would be so challenging, or so rewarding. My heart gets filled every day with just that smile- the scrunch of the nose and the toothless grin. I never thought parenthood would bring Hubby and I closer together, but it definitely has.

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, B!!! We love you so very much!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Edna Mae Lynch Fair

My great grandmother died last Wednesday night. She was so frail and weak. The only sad part about her passing is that she was so excited about turning 100, and she was just 12 days short of her goal. Yesterday was calling hours, today was the funeral, so I’ve spent the last two days surrounded by family.

I thought I knew my great-grandmother well. After all, from the ages of three until I was eighteen and I went to college, she sat right behind us at church every single Sunday. Two different summers, when I was fifteen and sixteen, I mowed her lawn (and yacked with her afterwards.) But in the past few days I’ve learned so much more about her. How feisty she was. How frugal she was. How funny she was. What a strong woman she was. What she valued. How she lived. Although I wish it could have been under different circumstances, I’m glad to have gotten to spend so much time listening to stories and getting to know my great-grandmother even better.

You will be missed, Gma. But, I know you are so much more comfortable now. You are with your Savior. And you’ve waited 20 years to see your beloved husband again. That part makes me happy. Thank you for being such a wonderful example of how everyday, normal people are truly are the best people to be. And good people change the world in the most significant and most meaningful ways- one person, one day, one conversation at a time.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Forgiveness is a very tricky thing....

So, apparently I'm very gracious in that person to person "it's okay" moment... But in my heart, by myself, days later, is where the real work begins... Where the real forgiveness needs to take place. It's rough.

And how does one go on interacting with people when you've said that you've forgiven them, but you have a hard time respecting them? You've always struggled with respecting them, but now.... NOW, it's really hard.

(Sorry, I'm getting so dark here... But I haven't been able to share these feelings or even the situation with anyone, and I need to release somewhere before I say something I shouldn't.)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Learning to say "No"

I did it... I told the members of Garden Ministry at church, "Thanks, but no thanks. I can not be chairperson." I knew it was coming. I knew they were going to ask me. I had already made up my mind. I just had to prep myself to be mean, which is not easy for me. I'm a people-pleaser. The gentleman who has always lead the group is getting older, he and his wife are both having health issues, and he thinks it's time to hand over the reins. Since I have headed up the last two big plant sales at church (Christmas & Easter,) I knew my name would come up. I just didn't realize mine would be the ONLY name to come up. We are still leader-less, but I will not give in. I'm too busy at home, and things are only going to get busier.

Of course, I didn't come away completely responsibility-free. With the huge Annual Tent Sale coming up this weekend, I'll be working all week- even though I'm not going to even be in town this weekend!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Gift

So my sister, Miss Wild & Wonderful WV, is coming to stay for the weekend! She makes this treck every month or so, and I love it. This weekend just happens to be Mother's Day, my first "official" Mother's Day (I was preggo last year.) Let me just say, I am so happy that she is going to be here. See, I've been itching, and I mean itching to get the lawn mowed. The Hubby is MIA until next Thursday when his BIG BIG TEST is over, and I have yet to do it while B is napping. So Sunday, I am mowing the lawn! I know, it's Mother's Day.... but that is exactly what I want to do..... Well, not true, I want to go to a spa and have my pores cleansed and my hair deep conditioned and a pedicure, WHILE someone is at my house scrubbing it from top to bottom.... BUT, we don't have the $$ for that, so mowing the lawn is a close second. :)

My entire family (all ten of us) will be at my house on Saturday for lunch. Which means, unfortunately, my day tomorrow will involve some cleaning.... Oh well, I guess you can't get everything. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday afternoon

Church, hubby's baseball game, then backyard BBQ with the team. *sigh* I love summer. :) There are a few details I'd change. You know, like our team winning and B wouldn't have skipped her afternoon nap. (Tired 9 month old = bear at bathtime.... Literally. She growls.) Now that B and Hubby are in bed, and I had some Tylenol & a quick nap, it's time to survey the wreckage. How can being out of the house all day = total disaster when we return home?

sidenote: still trying to think of a good nickname for Hubby.... So far, I like DrivenHoney the best. But, I'm not sure if it's too long to type. I think I'll brainstorm a little more.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here we go!

I've had this blog set up for about six months now, but never actually started. Why??? I'm afraid.... Afraid of what I should/shouldn't reveal. Afraid of who might be reading. Afraid that I'm going to be very inconsistent with my posts. But especially, afraid of my poor writing skills- there's a reason I was a Chemistry major! :)

But screw it. Here I go.... I'll learn as I go. And maybe, just maybe, my writing skills will improve! (One can only hope.) Besides, I have zero readers right now- I can only go up from here!