Monday, June 29, 2009

Edna Mae Lynch Fair

My great grandmother died last Wednesday night. She was so frail and weak. The only sad part about her passing is that she was so excited about turning 100, and she was just 12 days short of her goal. Yesterday was calling hours, today was the funeral, so I’ve spent the last two days surrounded by family.

I thought I knew my great-grandmother well. After all, from the ages of three until I was eighteen and I went to college, she sat right behind us at church every single Sunday. Two different summers, when I was fifteen and sixteen, I mowed her lawn (and yacked with her afterwards.) But in the past few days I’ve learned so much more about her. How feisty she was. How frugal she was. How funny she was. What a strong woman she was. What she valued. How she lived. Although I wish it could have been under different circumstances, I’m glad to have gotten to spend so much time listening to stories and getting to know my great-grandmother even better.

You will be missed, Gma. But, I know you are so much more comfortable now. You are with your Savior. And you’ve waited 20 years to see your beloved husband again. That part makes me happy. Thank you for being such a wonderful example of how everyday, normal people are truly are the best people to be. And good people change the world in the most significant and most meaningful ways- one person, one day, one conversation at a time.


  1. Funerals for grandparents are always bittersweet- I remember my grandma's, we were of course sad, but also happy for her because we knew she was with my PapPap and also her toddler son she lost. It's such a blessing when you can reflect on their wonderful lives and remember (& learn!) things about them, even after they're gone.

    I hope I live to be 99! :)

  2. I've only attended a few funerals in my lifetime. My great grandfather (Edna's husband) when I was 10, and my maternal grandmother when I was 25. All of my other grandparents are still going strong!

    And I agree- I hope to be 99! She lived in her house (that she helped my Gpa build) until she was 95!