Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Forgiveness is a very tricky thing....

So, apparently I'm very gracious in that person to person "it's okay" moment... But in my heart, by myself, days later, is where the real work begins... Where the real forgiveness needs to take place. It's rough.

And how does one go on interacting with people when you've said that you've forgiven them, but you have a hard time respecting them? You've always struggled with respecting them, but now.... NOW, it's really hard.

(Sorry, I'm getting so dark here... But I haven't been able to share these feelings or even the situation with anyone, and I need to release somewhere before I say something I shouldn't.)

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  1. oh tough questions. I'm definitely one to let things fester in my head and heart and on the outside let it all seem a-okay. (dealing with a bit of this myself at the moment...) Saying you've forgiven someone is easy... but actually doing it is sometimes impossible. Maybe just time? Sorry I don't have any good advice for ya :(