Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm now one of Them.

Officially.  There's a bag of soccer balls and a case of water bottles in the back of my SUV.  I'm a soccer mom.  Dear Lord PLEASE don't let a minivan be next.  (No offense to the minivan soccer moms out there.)  Honestly, I am SO excited about cheering my kids on in sports! 

Ms. B's first official game today.

OF COURSE, little brother had to get in the picture...

Here's the thing... I'm not sure she understands how soccer is even played.  She did a great job standing where she was told to stand, and then..... she didn't move.  She didn't chase the ball and join The Pack at all.  :)  I had to encourage her to RUN!  GO GET THE BALL!  GOOD JOB, NOW KICK IT!  :)

The hair.  Gracious.

Running off the field, upset because she collided - slightly - with another player...  It was very minor, but required an IMMEDIATE drink of water from her new water bottle. 

All in all, she did great!  She didn't sleep very well the night before, so I knew it wasn't going to go great today.  And I think she'll do much better next week when Coach Daddy is back in town.  :)

Then there's this guy...  Yes, he ran out into the middle of the game.  Twice.

 Thank goodness for dandelion distractions!

(I have so many other pictures of Ms. B playing, but I don't even know a lot of the other parents and have no idea how they'd feel about me putting their kids on the internet, nor a way to get their permission.  So I'll just refrain.)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


B, while painting:  "Mom, what color is Tiny, usually?" 

Me:  "Well, like when you color with crayons, when you're painting, Tiny can be ANY color you want her to be."  (We're really working on not being so rigid/uptight with our colors...  because, oh! my! goodness! the flip-outs we have over Mommy coloring things "NOT THE RIGHT COLOR!")

B:  "I know..... but today I think I want to be precise."

Me, snorting (But, also- SO PROUD of her for using 'to be' in the sentence!):  "Bridget, do you even know what 'precise' means?"  

B:  "It means exactly correct." 

Cue my stunned silence.  This kids' vocabulary!!!  I believe I was just schooled.