Thursday, April 15, 2010

Figuring things out

Disclaimer: Not me!!! I still have no idea what the heck I'm doing! ;) The past few days, B is really starting to put things together!

At lunch SD was eating sweet potatoes for the first time and really enjoying them. "umm" Umm" "UMM" B's response was "Mommy, brother piggy!" "making piggy noises!"

A red Shearer's (the potato chip) truck followed* us out of the grocery store parking lot, and B pointed out the "big tuck!" I responded with, "Yes, I see the big red truck!" To which B replied, "Papa, Gammy, big red tuck!" (Yes, my parents have a red pickup truck.)

A bird was kind enough to leave a deposit on B's window the other day. After waking up from her nap, she pointed it out for me. "Mommy, dirty!" Me, "Yep, you're window is dirty." B, "Wash window" (making circular motions with her hands.) "Need water."

I asked her the other day if she was sad (she was sitting there looking forelorn at the door where Daddy had just left.) B replied. "Sad, me cry...." And gave me a fake boo hoo. (And then she smiled when I started laughing at her drama.)

"Shud up" and put her hand over SD's mouth when he was making a lot of noise while we were reading books the other night. I have no idea where she learned this. I know the Hubs and I don't use it!

*Yes, she still sits backwards in the carseat- she's a pipsqueak and still fits, it's safer, and we had a bad experience of her sitting facing forwards and carsickness.