Sunday, August 29, 2010


It's over... Thank goodness. These past two months have been ridiculous... Like, I've-lost-9lbs-because-of-all-the-stress-and-busyness-ridiculous.

I've survived:
3 weeks of my husband living in a different city. He started his job at the end of July and we couldn't move into the condo until the middle of August. I don't like going two nights in a row without him around. This was torturous for me. Luckily, my parents stepped up with helping with the kids. Majorly stepped up. Like, I may owe one of them a kidney.

Moving. Packing, sorting through stuff, donating, throwing out, putting stuff on craigslist. With two mobile little kids. (Yes, 7month old SD started crawling exactly one day after we made the decision for Brad to accept the Pittsburgh position.)

840,937,638 home-improvement projects. Okay, so maybe it was more like 37 projects. Big ones like painting the garage. Small ones like nailing that piece of trim into place that we had just never got around to doing. Ones that got added to the list per my dad's suggestion while he was at the house helping. (Grrr!) Ones that I didn't mind doing- like getting the carpets cleaned (two phone calls was all the effort it took from me.) Ones that I hated- cleaning the kitchen (that took waaaay longer than we expected!)

Five straight weeks of my parents. I love them. We get along great. And this move never would've happened without them. But they are typical grandparents and can't keep themselves from spoiling my kids. Throws the kids' schedules off, their diets off, their normalcy off.

My sister's wedding in Maryland. Yes, this is in the "survived" category. First, traveling four+ hours with a 25month old and a 9month old. Heaven help me. Second, all four of us sharing a hotel room. Normally Miss B can't have SD looking at her when she's trying to fall asleep. Somehow this worked. It think the fact that she skipped naps three out of the four days we were there and therefore just passed out at night might have had something to do with it. Third, have YOU ever been IN a wedding and had your two year old be in it also? It's stressful, nerve-wracking, and busy. Yet all the fretting was for not. Miss B was perfect. As the Hubs said, if I would've imagined the best case scenerio of how she would do, she did that and then exceeded it. She stayed still, was quiet, and adorable!

Everyone getting head colds. SD and the Hubs came down with it on the Monday after the wedding. (Damn you, whoever was germy and touching my baby!) Miss B and I got it on Wednesday. There's still some random sneezes and snotty noses, but we're pretty much all over it.

Unpacking. Well, this isn't officially done yet. There are still no pictures/decorations on the wall, and a stack of boxes in the living room containing such items. BUT, the condo is definitely livable and almost baby-proofed.

Therefore, I'm done. We're having fun, and I'm not worrying about the laundry piling up and the boxes all around us. We'll take care of those things this winter when the snow has us trapped inside. In the meantime, I'm refusing to let summer be over. These past few days we've gone swimming, playing at the park, gone to the zoo, grilled out every night, eaten corn on the cob and watermelon, and this weekend we're going to water ski on my parents' boat and we're picking up the motorcycle so the Hubs and I can do some riding. I'm making up for some lost time, and loving it!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Freaking Out

Oh no... Hit the panic button! We move in 10 days and very little is actually packed. We've been too busy with Projects To Get The House Ready to sell, that packing has gone by the wayside. Until today... and when I started the actual packing process this afternoon, I realized what a HUGE, GARGANTUAN, OHMYGODTHISISGOINGTOKILLME project this is.

And to top it all off....

Tonight The Hubs- you know, the guy who isn't here during the week, will be here for approximately 48hrs this weekend (and he's planning on doing 9,374 projects in that time,) and then won't be here again until approximately 13 hours before we are actually loading up the truck to move!- calls and says, "Hey, the company picnic is on Sunday afternoon. I had forgotten about it until they were handing out tickets today. We said 'Yes, we'll go!' a month ago on the day I accepted the job. I know we thought we'd already be moved down here. I know it would be a challenge, but I'd still like to go. I hate to back out of anything this soon into the new job."

Okay, I understand the not wanting to back out thing... But A Challenge?!?! You want to leave the house around 3pm (exactly in the middle of nap time) to go to a baseball game in Washington, PA, that starts at 6:30pm and ends at God Knows When:Thirty, and want me drive back to Cleveland BY MYSELF with the kids at midnight. AND this will be the first time our (probably) GRUMPY children (you know, because we're leaving in the middle of nap time!) and your (definitely) grumpy wife meet all your brand-spank'n new co-workers, boss, owner of the company....

And that's not even counting that we would have to miss our last Bible Study class. *sob* And that we just told his parents, "Yes! Come out this weekend and help us because we have a butt-load of things that need to get done!" *ugh* And the fact that WE'RE MOVING IN TEN DAYS!

Laser beams came out of my eyes and burned a hole in his skull and melted his brain into a puddle of lumpy mush on the other end of the phone line. Or at least that's what I was trying to do.

In reality, I think there was a long silence (laser beams, people!) and then I said something along the lines of, "I don't know if that would be the best idea." To which he responded, "Well, let's sleep on it, and we'll talk tomorrow." I think I'll go with the "We really risk the kids being super grumpy, and I don't want them to be like that the first time we meet all your new coworkers" angle, rather than the "If we go, I will lose my ever-loving mind" angle. What'cha think???