Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Streak

Thirty-three months.  We've been parents for thirty-three months.  I've had a streak going for thirty-three months, and today....  Well.  Today it ended. 

Miss B and SD always get their bath in the mornings.  She's not a fan of the hairdryer and I hate to send her to bed with wet hair.  Since we have that flexibility, this works for us. 

Tonight at dinner, SD put chicken noodle soup in his hair AND placed his bowl of yogurt on his head as a hat.  Miss B's face and arms were covered in Nutella and Cheetos.  (Yeah, don't ask about the eclectic nature or nutritional value of dinner- the both had awesome, healthy lunches and The Hubs wasn't here tonight, so sometimes it just goes that way....)  SO, while they were both finishing up their dinners, I ran the water and into the tub they went!  I didn't really get a chance to prep, like I usually do- towels at the ready & clothes set out in Miss B's room (which is where we all go after a bath.)  SO, I grabbed a basket of clean laundry, brought it into the bathroom, and was digging around finding onsies and pjs.  Miss B said something, I walked over to the tub, and saw it. 


I acted with the efficiency and decisiveness of a Navy Seal.  Turd scooped out and into the toilet (luckily it was SD- the always constipated one- so it was easily scooped!) both kids hauled out of the tub, washclothes thrown into the laundry, tub drained, quickly wiped down, new water run (they're faces/hair were not clean at all yet!) kids back in, new washclothes, toys scrubbed in the sink! 

(AND he had the nerve to poop more, right there on the bathmat while waiting for the new water to run in the tub!  Luckily I caught it with some toilet paper- skillz, I haz them!- wiped his bum, and back in the tub he went.  I'm just glad he finished before he got plunked back into the tub!) 

The rest of bathtime/bedtime went off without a hitch.  They're both in bed (not necessarily snoozing yet, but I'm not worried about that...) and it's before 9pm.  And The Hubs is not even home yet!

That's me- in times of emergency/dire circumstances, I am the calm, collected one.  I can be counted on when kids are puking, fingers get smashed in doors...  or if there's a turd in the tub.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lent, a few days late.

Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.  The ever present question of "What are you giving up?" 

My response is usually something along the lines of, "Um, I grew up Methodist.  We don't really do that.  Isn't that a Catholic thing?" 

But for me the underlying thought has always been, WHY?  Why give up chocolate or coffee?  There are obvious reasons- self-denial and discipline are two that instantly come to mind for me.  Consequently both of those are things I really suck at and could definitely need more practice... 

But I've always perceived Lent as a time to prepare yourself for the awesome experience of Easter.  To grow closer to God.  To me, I don't feel or see the rational of giving up chocolate and growing closer to God.

All that being said....  This year, I gave up Nutella.  I do need more self-discipline, I believe Christ was very self-disciplined and I desire to be more like Christ.  (And on a side note: that stuff is seriously sabotaging my diet.) 
I've decided to cut down on my Twitter/FB time, especially while the kiddos are awake so I can be more "present."  (@melissity made a good point when she quit Twitter for Lent, sharing @OurLittleAshley's post as her inspiration.) 

But, the big things that I have committed to are DOING things during Lent. 
#1 Exercising every day.  My body is a temple if the Lord's.  And I abuse it.  Not horribly with drugs, alcohol, smoking.  But I do- laziness and sugar being my main enemies. 
#2  Every day I am reading my Bible & a Christian thought book (first up is Moments Together which came recommended from my mom, after that I have a few to choose from- we'll see how many I finish in 40 days.)

And today a friend shared this.  And I couldn't agree more.  Yes, I gave something up for Lent, but what am I giving?  That is the real question for me.

Hitting My Stride

I remember in the months just before SD was born, feeling like I was pretty good at this Mom-thing.  Miss B and I were on fire- playgroups, library time, visiting relatives, making dinners, exploring new activities, DOING things.  Then SD was born and I floundered for about four months.  (One to two kids was a big adjustment for me!) 

And I'm doing it again.  I feel like I'm Hitting My Stride. 

Then I realized something.  It has nothing to do with ME....  It's the age.  SD is 15.5 months.  Miss B was 16 months & 2 days when SD was born. 


Whatever the reason, I don't care.  We're exploring new places- Lilliput, the Pgh Zoo.  Next we're going to try the library here in PA and gymnastics this spring.  This summer I plan on spending a lot of time at the playground, pool, visiting my parents and riding on their boat. 

I'm hitting my stride (again!) and there's no newborn in the near future.  :)

The Personality On This One.

This guy...  He has turned into quite a character.  He is wicked good with using a spoon!  He can follow simple instructions.  He understands most everything I say.  He remembers so many things!  (Like at what page in a book Lightening McQueen screams.)  He is a stinker, a dare-devil, a cuddler, a sweetie-pie (random kisses!) and such a good boy- and definitely all BOY!  Loud, dirty, stinky feet, food in hair, and loves any kind of vehicle!  He thinks he can do everything that his older, more agile, sister can do.  And has the bruises to prove that he'll try no matter what.  He talks a lot, incoherently, but it's coming- one of these days an entire sentence is just going to come pouring out of his mouth.  And Oh my! that giggle.  How did we ever live without him?

Problem Solver

Me:  "Are you sleepy at all?"
Her:  "Not really at all."
Me:  "Are you going to try to take a nap today?"
Her:  "Probably not."
Me:  "Well, I'm kinda stinky and need to take a shower."
Her:  "Wellllll, actually, I can relax on your bed when you shower." 
Me:  "That'll work."

She's TWO AND A HALF and I'm having an adult conversation with her!  (And yes, she uses the word, "actually" quite a bit, and in perfect context....  Sheesh.)

Remember when I was complaining about Twos and OMG!Shoot Me! if Threes are worse.  Well dare I say, *whispers* Two and a Half has been enjoyable!