Thursday, March 10, 2011

Problem Solver

Me:  "Are you sleepy at all?"
Her:  "Not really at all."
Me:  "Are you going to try to take a nap today?"
Her:  "Probably not."
Me:  "Well, I'm kinda stinky and need to take a shower."
Her:  "Wellllll, actually, I can relax on your bed when you shower." 
Me:  "That'll work."

She's TWO AND A HALF and I'm having an adult conversation with her!  (And yes, she uses the word, "actually" quite a bit, and in perfect context....  Sheesh.)

Remember when I was complaining about Twos and OMG!Shoot Me! if Threes are worse.  Well dare I say, *whispers* Two and a Half has been enjoyable!

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  1. I liked 2.5 too :) Their little brains are fascinating!!