Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Personality On This One.

This guy...  He has turned into quite a character.  He is wicked good with using a spoon!  He can follow simple instructions.  He understands most everything I say.  He remembers so many things!  (Like at what page in a book Lightening McQueen screams.)  He is a stinker, a dare-devil, a cuddler, a sweetie-pie (random kisses!) and such a good boy- and definitely all BOY!  Loud, dirty, stinky feet, food in hair, and loves any kind of vehicle!  He thinks he can do everything that his older, more agile, sister can do.  And has the bruises to prove that he'll try no matter what.  He talks a lot, incoherently, but it's coming- one of these days an entire sentence is just going to come pouring out of his mouth.  And Oh my! that giggle.  How did we ever live without him?

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