Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hitting My Stride

I remember in the months just before SD was born, feeling like I was pretty good at this Mom-thing.  Miss B and I were on fire- playgroups, library time, visiting relatives, making dinners, exploring new activities, DOING things.  Then SD was born and I floundered for about four months.  (One to two kids was a big adjustment for me!) 

And I'm doing it again.  I feel like I'm Hitting My Stride. 

Then I realized something.  It has nothing to do with ME....  It's the age.  SD is 15.5 months.  Miss B was 16 months & 2 days when SD was born. 


Whatever the reason, I don't care.  We're exploring new places- Lilliput, the Pgh Zoo.  Next we're going to try the library here in PA and gymnastics this spring.  This summer I plan on spending a lot of time at the playground, pool, visiting my parents and riding on their boat. 

I'm hitting my stride (again!) and there's no newborn in the near future.  :)

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