Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Learning to say "No"

I did it... I told the members of Garden Ministry at church, "Thanks, but no thanks. I can not be chairperson." I knew it was coming. I knew they were going to ask me. I had already made up my mind. I just had to prep myself to be mean, which is not easy for me. I'm a people-pleaser. The gentleman who has always lead the group is getting older, he and his wife are both having health issues, and he thinks it's time to hand over the reins. Since I have headed up the last two big plant sales at church (Christmas & Easter,) I knew my name would come up. I just didn't realize mine would be the ONLY name to come up. We are still leader-less, but I will not give in. I'm too busy at home, and things are only going to get busier.

Of course, I didn't come away completely responsibility-free. With the huge Annual Tent Sale coming up this weekend, I'll be working all week- even though I'm not going to even be in town this weekend!

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