Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Gift

So my sister, Miss Wild & Wonderful WV, is coming to stay for the weekend! She makes this treck every month or so, and I love it. This weekend just happens to be Mother's Day, my first "official" Mother's Day (I was preggo last year.) Let me just say, I am so happy that she is going to be here. See, I've been itching, and I mean itching to get the lawn mowed. The Hubby is MIA until next Thursday when his BIG BIG TEST is over, and I have yet to do it while B is napping. So Sunday, I am mowing the lawn! I know, it's Mother's Day.... but that is exactly what I want to do..... Well, not true, I want to go to a spa and have my pores cleansed and my hair deep conditioned and a pedicure, WHILE someone is at my house scrubbing it from top to bottom.... BUT, we don't have the $$ for that, so mowing the lawn is a close second. :)

My entire family (all ten of us) will be at my house on Saturday for lunch. Which means, unfortunately, my day tomorrow will involve some cleaning.... Oh well, I guess you can't get everything. :)

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  1. aaah your first Mother's Day, I didn't even think about that! Enjoy it... even if you are cleaning your house! (I can totally relate to the idea that the ability to get things done is like a gift!)