Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Just Me....

I know, I shouldn't complain. I've had relatively easy pregnancies. But Dude, I am feeling huge!

I can't eat more than 2 bites of food without feeling uncomfortable and bloated. Heartburn is starting to creep in (spaghetti, why do you do me wrong?!?) Tums are my new best friends.

I am about to give up the fight, and just start waddling. I've already had to wear the over-the-belly pants for the past two months. Those ones that go below the belly get pushed down too far (b/c the belly is HUGE) and therefore my pants would fall down. Regular t-shirts are a joke. The ones that are big enough to fit over the belly have huge arm holes that I just don't find comfortable. It's all-maternity clothes, all the time.

My back hurts- I've been sleeping with a pillow between my knees...

Playing with B is a chore, anymore. Getting up and off the floor is something that I avoid at all costs! Once I'm there, we're going to play, damnit! :) And once I'm up, you're going to have to live with me sitting in a chair instead of on the ground.

These next eight weeks can't go by fast enough for me. I had kinda forgotten about The End of Pregnancy Awkwardness. We picked up Bito's bassinet today, so officially we have everything we'd need for him- clothes, diapers, and a place to sleep!

At least my feet aren't swollen yet. I think the cooler weather is helping stave that off, for at least a few more weeks! *knock on wood!*

{And end Self-Pity Party.}

That being said.... I love being a mom- even at 3am when B needs to be held and comforted! I love feeling Bito kick and wiggle! I love my life!

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  1. holy cow, I can't believe you only have 8 weeks left! I had bad heartburn too, ate Tums like crazy. (And I *still* have to sleep with a pillow between my knees, I got used to it while pregnant and can't stand to not have one now!)