Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Hubby is in a field where in order to move ahead, you must be accredited, approved, and have a designation from the IRS. In order to get the full accreditation, there are nine-ish tests (it keeps changing,) four papers, and other continuing education requirements. You don't have to take any tests and still have an entry level job. Or you can go about half way, get a partial accreditation and still have a pretty good job. But.... if you want to be the boss, if you want the responsibilities, and if you want to make the big bucks, you need to go all the way. It usually takes someone 10-15 years to complete everything. Exams are offered once every six months (some exams are offered only once a year) in the spring and in the fall.

My Hubby is driven. He's a hard worker. He wants to be The Big Boss. He already has much of the responsibility. And he wants to make the big bucks. I admire him. When I finished 4.5yrs of college, I was done with school and with studying! He usually puts in 250-400 hours of studying for each exam. (That's in addition to working 50 hours a week, year round.) He's been taking tests since November of 2000.

Basically since we've been together, I've done everything that is house/home related. Mow the lawn? Yep- that's me! Clean the deck? Right here! Cooking/cleaning/shopping/all laundry related things? Oh yes! Home improvements? Yeah, I'm pretty handy. Even packing to go away for a weekend. I do his stuff too.

All that, because I wanted to say... There is an end in sight!!! Test #8 is tomorrow. If he passes this exam (which is not a given, no matter how well you know the material.) There is one more Exam- which will be offered in May, 2010, and two more papers, which he can complete anytime.

Poor guy is getting worn down. I can see it in his eyes on Saturdays, when he has to leave to go to Panera and study instead of staying home and playing with B or mowing the lawn. I can tell when he collapses into bed before 9pm, because he got up at 4am that day to study for three hours before actually going to work. For all of our sake, I hope he takes a breather (even if it's only a month long) before he starts hitting the books for the next test. So THIS Friday will be TGIF, if there ever was one!!!

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  1. WOOHOO! I can't believe he's almost done, you guys need to take a MAJOR vacation when it's all over :)