Monday, November 23, 2009


Our little angel-boy. Seriously, he has not been a lick of trouble. From his birth until now, a week later. The only time he cries is when he is VERY hungry, and I can usually catch him before it gets to that point. He whines a little bit when you get him naked, but I'm sure that'll change... if he's anything like his father. He sleeps all the time, except for 1-1.5hrs in the evening. And he is a good eater! I am counting my blessings with this guy!

Sidenote: whether it's the bf-ing, or the fact that my stomach is not squished anymore, but suddenly am hungry ALL THE TIME. This does not bode well for a holiday season that is just starting...

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  1. LOL I had to laugh at the naked-like-Daddy joke ;) BOYS. heh

    Congrats again, can't wait to meet him!!