Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Things I will miss when B outgrows them...

"Ello" when she sees any phone!

"Hi Maac" (and waves) whenever she sees Max (the cat.)

"zeeba" (Zebra)

"Bubbles! Pop, pop, pop!" and points to the circles on her pjs.

"Are uuu?" to her toys, to me, to her blankie- whenever she's looking for it.

"Rawr" for Lion, "Baa" for Sheep, "Umm Umm" (snorting) for a Pig,

"Tumming" (Coming) during that half millisecond in between every. single. song on a cd. Super cute, but also can get old after the 20th song. :)

The super excited, old man with no teeth O-face. She does it when she's excited, surprised, or showing you something. Hilarious!

"I got it." Clear as day! This comes from me asking, "You got it?" constantly... :)

"C 'em" (I see him!) when I ask where Daddy or SD are. Or if you ask if she hears something, she also answers with "C 'em!" Too cute! :)

And EVERY person with white hair (the guy on the Quaker Oatmeal box) is "Seeta!" (Santa!) (Can we keep her worried about Santa and behaving well all year 'round?)

1 comment:

  1. aaah I love the toddler-speak. SEETA! That's adorable.

    Maggie is starting to lose most of her toddler-speak which is sad. It's cool to hear her say real words like EXACTLY and PAY ATTENTION! but I'll miss how she said MOOOK instead of MILK.