Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I think we're confusing her....

The other day, the Hubs and Miss B were playing their guitars while I finished getting dinner on the table....

Miss B:  "Daddy! We're playing the guitar song of the ants!!!" (after hearing the opening chorus of Guitar Hero).
Hubs:  "What? What's ants?"
Miss B:  "This is ants! We heared it at Giant Eagle last morning!"
That’s where I had to step in and interpret.  They were playing The Beatles…  And I had pointed them out to her at GE the previous day.

After they played "Octopus's Garden" it was time for dinner.  She sat there slurping her spaghetti noodles singing, "Under the Sea" then she changed it to, "Under the K"  and then, "Under the S!"  :)
And then we were having a conversation earlier today where we were talking about her "aquarium"  (A Tupperware container where we put all of the "water animals"- a shark, a seahorse, a dolphin, an octopus, etc.)
Me:  "What else lives in the ocean?"
Miss B:  "Beatles live under the sea!!!"
Me:  "I don't think beatles live under water..."
Miss B:  "Yes, Mom!  Beatles live in the Octopus's Garden under the sea!"

And then I tried to explain that the name of the band- guys that play the guitars and sing- is The Beatles, and that they aren't the actual bugs that live under water. 

Sheesh.  This is getting more complicated than I expected.


  1. I'll never again be able to hear a Beatles song without thinking that they are "ants"!