Monday, May 16, 2011

Shock and Awe

Potty Training, Day 1. 

I figured, a week of forecasted rain, we have non-essential plans one day this week (Tuesday, library story time.)  I might as well jump in with two feet.  Of course, I decided this at 8am this morning.  (WHY do I always make these Big Change Decisions at the last minute!?!?!)

She did great!  I'm shocked.  I shouldn't be- she's always been pretty adaptable, and never gotten riled up about big changes.  Moving, new brother, nothing has ever phased her much.  (We'll see how moving out of the crib and losing the paci go....)  But for now, why should potty training be any different!?!? 

Today we had about 20 attempts (my fault and not needed,) 5 successful pees, 0 successful poops, and 0 accidents!  I have to admit, the no #2's has me a little worried- that's not like her at all...  She usually goes #2 several times per day, unless we are out and about, and then she'll usually wait until we get home, and then explode.

At first, I was setting a timer for every fifteen minutes, taking the undies off, sitting on the potty and trying.  Then after she went twice this morning, both were in between the timed "try times" when she looked at me, took off the undies, sat down, waited, and then went.  I decided that my timer and making her sit was not working or even necessary.  To be fair, it was a very low-key day.  We watched a lot of movies and her little potty was in the living room, so she didn't have to miss out on much when she did go.     

But I'm so encouraged, and I'm thinking maybe* we'll try Library Story Time tomorrow.  It's a risk....

*I already have an extra outfit packed.

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