Thursday, May 19, 2011


Potty Training, Day 3. 

Since we started Miss B potty training on Monday morning, we've been here at home, watching a lot of movies.  (I know, I know...  I hate it.)  And we've had her little potty in the living room, so she doesn't really "miss" anything, if she goes.  (I'm using every advantage I can right now.)  I think maybe tomorrow we'll move the potty to the bathroom and she'll have to go into the bathroom in order to go.  You know, like a normal, socially acceptable person. 

Then there's the fact that she's hasn't gone #2 since Sunday.  (She usually goes #2, two or three times per day.  Yes.  Seriously.)  So I imagine she was ready to explode.  She went #2 in her little potty twice this morning, and then she had a #2 accident in her pants (too busy playing with trains to stop and go.)  When she went in the potty, it was disgusting b/c I had to clean the potty out.  (Worse.than.diapers.)  And then I had to clean up the mess that was made in the training pants.  Those suckers are over $2 a piece, so I'm not going to just throw them away!!!  And we don't have a utility sink in the basement anymore, so I had to use my kitchen sink, which disgusted me so I Cloroxed the kitchen sink after I cleaned up the mess.

And then two more pee accidents after that.  But at least the new Gerber training pants are doing what they are supposed to do and are absorbing the pee accidents.  There literally were no "puddles" to deal with today. 

This is such a hassle.  She's petite... she'd fit into Pampers for at least two more years....  Right?

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