Monday, October 4, 2010

Spoiled Rotten?

The Hubs... I don't know what I'm going to do with him. He is extravagant, too extravagant, with his gift giving...

Our ninth anniversary was last week. On Saturday night we went out to dinner, just the two of us. Bella Vista on Mount Washington, reservations were for 7pm, window table. We got to see the city while it was still light out, the fireworks after the Pitt game ended, and then the sun went down and the majority of our meal was spend looking out over the city at night. A gorgeous way to spend time together and start making Pittsburgh our own, our home.

After dinner, he gave me my gift. I knew the price range, but I didn't know the future cost of my gift. He gave me Rosetta Stones' learning Italian, lessons one through five. He's giving me a year to learn Italian so that next year, for our tenth anniversary, we can spend two weeks wandering around Italy. No tour guide, no plan, just the two of us.

The Pros:
It would be a wonderful trip!!! I love spending time with just him! It would be a fantastic adventure! I mean, come one, who wouldn't love to wander around Italy in the crisp fall weather with their spouse?!?!

I'm not planning on being pregnant or having a newborn at this time next year! The kids will be three and almost two. No one will be in school, (B isn't going to preschool until she is four) so they can go stay with someone, no problem!

The Cons:
This trip is going to cost a lot of cold hard ca$h. A lot. I know we will be able to afford the trip- it's not going to put us into debt, or anything. But, we are currently in the process of saving up for the down payment on The Dream House. The big one- five bedrooms, a master bath, walk in closets, a huge kitchen, first floor laundry, swing set out back, big yard.... You know, THAT house. Currently (while we save up) we are in a three bedroom, all one floor so it seems smaller than it really is, loud at all hours upstairs neighbors, no yard, condo. I do NOT like living in this condo and want to get out of here ASAP! I'm afraid that this trip would mean spending $8,000 (I'm guessing, here) that would've gone toward a house's down payment, and will cause us to stay here in the condo for an extra year.

The kids. Where do they go? At this time next year, none of our parents could watch them. It's his mom's busy time of the year at school so she couldn't take two weeks off of work. His dad is still in a contract job, so taking two full weeks off would be impossible. My mom is a teacher- I don't think she even has two full weeks of vacation days that she could even use. It's harvest season for my dad, who is retired and almost any other time of year it would be no problem. But at planting time and harvest time, he's gotta get stuff done when the weather allows it.

This is The Hubs' dream trip. He's the wine lover, he's the one that wants to go to Europe. I know, I know, it's his anniversary too! But don't mask this gift as giving me something that I want. MY dream trip is going someplace hot- as in, all I have to pack is a suitcase full of bathing suits, sundresses, and sandals. He knows this. Every time we've gone on a ski vacation, I mention something about, "When am I going to get my cruise?"

Then today, I find out from my brother that The Hubs has been planning this for a long time. Great. How do I not offend him if I suggest we wait on this? Because I'm not saying we don't do this trip at all!!!!! I'm just saying we wait a few more years! In five years we'll have The Dream House. In five years, my mom will be retired and can watch kids. In the next five years I (hopefully) will have gotten my cruise.

Maybe I'm just spoiled rotten, and I'm unappreciative.

Thoughts??? Comments, please!!!

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  1. First off: ITALY!!!!!1!!!

    Ok, just had to get that out of the way. :)

    In all honesty I'd probably react the same way. I guess my questions would be: Would he consider alternatives, such as a) going at a time of year when your/his parents would be available to watch the kids; b) going for 1 week instead of 2; or c) waiting a few more years like you mentioned so that you can save for the Dream House? I'm sure that even if he's disappointed at first, he'll understand that you DO want to do this, just under the right circumstances. And if you end up going, CIAO! and have a blast. :)

    Also, I totally get your wanting a Warm Vacation! George has other potential ideas for next year (Boston, Denver, a bunch of other Not Relaxing Trips), but we've been doing those kinds of trips for the past 7 years. I keep saying, "When do I get my beach??" *SIGH*