Sunday, October 24, 2010

Assignment: A Rainbow on the Farm

I'm trying... TRYING to learn how to use my camera better. As a matter of fact, that's one of my goals for this coming winter. Read and learn how it actually works. Maybe take a class. Get the right equipment to help me.

We were at my parent's house this past week, it was a gorgeous day, and the kids were napping, so I decided to take my camera for a walk. I gave myself an assignment, aimed at improving my artistic view. Find a rainbow of pictures: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. My dad was shelling corn with his combine, so I tried to draw from that as much as possible.

Crab apples. The only thing crab apples are good for is apple sauce... or throwing at one another.

Red peppers. We have canned a ton of pepper relish this past month. My husband is very much enjoying this part of farm life.

Corn cobs. Seldom do you see this part of the corn.

A bumble bee on a mum.

Corn, still on the stalk.

Shelled corn on the dump truck, with the combine in the background.

The John Deere Combine. (That was an easy one to choose to photograph.)

Innards of the John Deere Combine.

A green tomato. A hard frost was predicted for that night, so who knows if this guy survived to the next day.

The Ford tractor that helped get the job done.

The sky.


Seed pods.

And finally, Black.
The craft that my mom made with Miss B.

It went okay. There are a few of these that I really like. Some are ho-hum. But that's what it's about- seeing what you did and thinking of how to improve it next time.

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