Wednesday, April 11, 2012


B, while painting:  "Mom, what color is Tiny, usually?" 

Me:  "Well, like when you color with crayons, when you're painting, Tiny can be ANY color you want her to be."  (We're really working on not being so rigid/uptight with our colors...  because, oh! my! goodness! the flip-outs we have over Mommy coloring things "NOT THE RIGHT COLOR!")

B:  "I know..... but today I think I want to be precise."

Me, snorting (But, also- SO PROUD of her for using 'to be' in the sentence!):  "Bridget, do you even know what 'precise' means?"  

B:  "It means exactly correct." 

Cue my stunned silence.  This kids' vocabulary!!!  I believe I was just schooled.

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