Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three year olds are good for my self-esteem

I have kind of an open-door policy in the house during the day.  I mean, I generally have company no matter where I'm going...  Ya know what I'm sayin?  So when B walked into my bedroom with me while I was putting on a clean pair of jeans, no biggie...

Miss B, observing:  "Mama, you have kinda a bigger bum, don'tcha?"
Me:  "Yeah...  But I'm running and trying to lose it!"
Miss B, very upset:  "Oh no!  Don't lose it!  Where will you find it???  I like your bum!" 

She then got smothered in hugs and kisses b/c she loves her Mama, just the way I am...  even when I don't like the bigger bum.

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